Bo Obama’s Bemidji connection

Seasoned News Cut readers know we have a thing for Minnesota connection stories. (Whereby “thing” we mean “Really? That’s news?”)

The Bemidji Pioneer brings us the story of Ruby, a 2-year-old Portuguese water dog, who happens to be the half-sister of President Barack Obama’s new pooch, Bo.

After discovering that Ruby and Bo have the same father — Valkyrie’s Dr. Watson Is Here — [Ruby’s owner Julie] Quanrud received about 20 e-mails Tuesday afternoon from fellow members of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of the Twin Cities who saw reports of the presidential pooch and knew Ruby’s lineage.

“To think that this dog is lying on the carpet in the White House right now, and we’re sitting here with his sister, is pretty wild,” Quanrud said.

Ruby has a very playful and friendly personality. She plays hide and seek, cuddles and often “talks” in a voice that resembles Scooby-Doo. She knocks on doors and brings a brush when she wants her soft, curly black fur brushed. She does not shed, but still needs to be groomed and clipped.

Naturally, this story wouldn’t be complete without a pooch-perfect kicker.

The family’s other dog is a mutt that cost $50. They figure Reagan, 7, is a border collie-American bulldog cross.

You could say Reagan also has a White House connection.

“Reagan was very black and white, and so is our dog,” Quanrud said.

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