You’re 22? It’s all downhill from here, kid

When does old age begin? Around 27, according to some new research out of the University of Virginia. Professor Timothy Salthouse has published the results of a seven-year study into aging, asking the study’s participants to remember words and do puzzles etc. He found the age of optimum performance is 22. And the age at which things begin to fall apart is 27.

This might explain why my 23-year-old son received an AARP membership solicitation last week. Welcome to the club, old timer!

  • Bob

    I wasn’t looking forward to being old and decrepit, but since I’m twice the age of “old 27,” I guess I already am…

    Thanks for the day-brightener!

  • Tom

    Huh, well being half-way through the ‘optimal’ year of performance, I would have thought I be getting paid more than I am… perhaps I need to bring this study to the folks in HR and make my case!

    Should this also imply that we get paid less as time goes by?

  • Bob Collins

    Actually, Tom, once you’ve lost a certain number of brain cells, you’ll rake in some big bucks on the management track.

    Tip your waitress.