Video: The last-minute fight

As a Code Red was issued this afternoon, signifying an evacuation is possible from Riverview Circle, and the surrounding neighborhoods, the Morses and John Brummer were not giving up.

After uploading the video, I’m heading back into the neighborhood. My motel is just around the corner. A note slipped under the door a few minutes ago announces “We’re in Code Red. Please be prepared to evacuate at short notice.”

I’m not leaving unless the Morses and Brummers do.

  • scott christensen

    Could some big machines haul ice out of the river upstream?

    It might lower the river level to truck the ice away and let it melt slowly after the crisis.

    Don’t know if this helps…good luck.

  • Mike knox

    Keep up the great reporting Bob, and stay safe.

  • Amy Harrison, Moorhead

    Thanks for telling our story, Bob.

  • Kevin

    Keep up the good work Bob. I remember helping out in that neighborhood in ’97. Stick by them and help in anyway that you can. Take care.

  • LIsa Johnson

    Thoughts and prayers going out to you tonight. Remember – people first. Everything else can be replaced.