Tracking the stimulus: Transportation projects

The mailbag reveals that the Minnesota Department of Transportation has decided how to spend the economic stimulus money heading this way.

The list of projects for outstate (aka “greater”) Minnesota can be found here. They include such things creating “living” snow fences in Monticello (I-94) and Atkinson Bridge to installing traffic lights in Fergus Falls. (See pdf)

  • Dan Prokosch

    I drive an 18 wheeler all around MN. I have to say there are some pretty rough highways around the state, and it surprises me some of the really awful ones aren’t on this list. (maybe they are already planned and funded, we can only hope…)

    Today I drove up US 61 from Winona to the Cities, and the 4 lane piece of that highway south of Kellogg is a spine and suspension killer…

  • Bob Collins

    I’ve noticed around the Twin Cities, the potholes are especially cruel this year, and so far there’s been no sign — at least in the East metro — have any attempt to fill them, especially on 94.

    In some sections of my town, whole sections of the road have crumbled.

    Worst I’ve ever seen

  • JR

    This has been a brutal winter. Couple that with budget constraints and you get roads all over Minnesota that will rearrange your dental work faster than you can say Novacaine.

    One can only hope that MnDOT can scrape enough stimulus funds together to have crews look at some of these roads. I agree with Dan…that stretch of 61 from Kellogg to Winona is a real gem. Not.

    I’m looking forward to getting the motorcycle out, but I am not sure if I am looking forward to the off-road riding conditions on our highways.