To the shelter


MPR’s Ambar Espinoza sent this picture along late last night. A trickle of flood victims has started showing up at a Red Cross shelter at Moorhead High School. More will start showing up today.

It’s ironic, actually, that Moorhead has been the community where the neighborhoods are being swallowed up first, because it’s also the one that is universally ignored in most of the flood coverage. Fargo is bigger, lower, and has all of the news media. The fight is still going on there and it will, no doubt, be well documented.

Maybe they’ll have better luck than the people of Moorhead.

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  • Amen. It’s tiring to always hear of people skipping over Moorhead to go to “Fargo;” that “Fargo” and “North Dakota” are getting hit with a giant flood, etc…

    …from news media and individuals who are Minnesotans themselves and apparently don’t REALIZE that Moorhead is a sizable, viable part of the F-M community. Even F-M’s media can’t do it right as it treats Moorhead as merely a suburb in articles and on-the-air.

    MPR’s done pretty well at mentioning both cities, but it’d be so nice to hear some coverage from across the river from bigger outlets (CNN, NBC, etc).

  • LKM

    Thank you for noticing this. I’m currently a Minneapolis resident who grew up in Moorhead, and learned today that my parents and grandparents are evacuating…

    So thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate coverage of my home.