The view from Riverview Circle

I didn’t bring a tripod to Moorhead with me, and my camera is pretty low-end. But perhaps with this stitched-together panorama, you can get a sense of what things look like out the back of these homes. You can move your mouse back and forth and up and down. Apologies that this is somewhat crude.

I’m standing right behind the sandbagged dike (now under a cover of snow) , that stands at 42 feet. The flood crest is going to be at 41 feet on Saturday.

Think about that, for just a moment. The river here runs back beyond that second set of trees, it’s crept out of its banks and across the backyards and is now heading up the bankings to the homes.

By Saturday, the water will be one foot below the top of the dike you see in front of you. If it breaks, and people aren’t quick enough to fix it (there aren’t extra sandbags in people’s back yards), it’s going to pour through, it’ll go into people’s homes and down their driveways and into the street. The street here is below the top of this dike.

Now imagine you’re a homeowner and you get to three days with the river in this state and the danger that the dike could give way at any moment. There won’t be much sleep on Riverview Circle this weekend.

Panorama of All along the Red River on

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