The vanishing signs of spring


The vanishing signs of spring.

When I was growing up, the New England Flower Show was the unofficial declaration of hope during that part of the winter — the tail end — when one more helping of snow would often be enough to send people over the edge.

Now, the New York Times reports today, flower shows across the country are the latest victims of the bad economy. They have wilted in the face of reality.

Last week, my wife went in search of bulbs to force. All she could find was “paper whites,” the smell of which instinctively makes us look for an electrical fire in the house. She had no luck finding regular old bulbs.

Need more? For baseball fans, pouring poring over the small agate type box scores of spring training games from exotic places like Port St. Lucie and Winter Haven, has always been the “hope” to hang onto. The Star Tribune, and many other places, this year have eliminated out-of-market spring training linescores. Getting them via the Web is not the same.

This weekend it’s supposed to snow again.

Hope is getting harder to find.

  • Gee, Bob, thanks for the pep talk.

    I think I’ll go drink a quart of paint and light myself on fire.

  • betty tisel

    I really enjoy News Cut

    Please note that one “pores” over something, one doesn’t “pour” over something, unless it’s pancakes….

    thanks, not sure you appreciate me pointing this out….

  • Beryl K Gullsgate Duluth

    Hope may be a “hard to find” along with bulbs to force their blooming but try the wild and low hanging Forsythia; weighed down by an overload of winter snow…cut a few branches. If you don’t have a bush in your garden, seek out a neighbor’s and ask if you can prune a few. The bright yellow flowers open up within a week and fill the room with its hope-filled yellow blooms. And here’s a short lyric for the coming season:

    Pushing through/ where earth is still a mass of mud and ice/ the pale green stem decides/ a purple blossom/ a Crocus soon…BRK