St. Paul wildlife

Bob Bentley of South St. Paul has sent in some pictures worth sharing.

“I just wanted to share some pictures of a coyote we had visit us in downtown St. Paul on 3/16 and 3/17. He must have liked our little bit of shelter provided, because he was sill hanging around. We ended up calling animal control to capture him, after all, you just can’t have a wild coyote right next door to United Hospital,” he wrote.




Goes to show what a naturalist I am. I thought it was a fox.

  • Mac Wilson

    I’ve lived in the Twin Cities my entire life and I never knew we had coyotes in the area. You learn something new every day.

  • brian

    I remember hearing a story a year or two ago about how there is a huge population of coyotes in the Chicago metro area. They are good at adapting to different enviroments. They eat garbage, racoons, squirrels, and probably the occasional cat and live in parks and other brushy areas. I guess it isn’t surprising that they are in the Twin Cities too.

  • bsimon

    I think I read the same story Brian did. A couple days ago a passerby asked if we’d seen coyotes in our neighborhood – he thought he’d seen one walking down the creek. This in Minneapolis, north of the airport. I’ve seen deer in Minnehaha Park & a beaver in the creek, so wouldn’t be surprised to see coyotes.

  • b

    *after all, you just can’t have a wild coyote right next door to United Hospital*

    Why can’t you?

  • Joanna

    Out in the country by Northfield where I stay sometimes, the coyotes can be heard at night, and they’ compete with the local dogs for the chickens! The Twin Cities have so many wildlife corridors: parks, lakes, bike paths and greenways, railroad tracks, zigzagging through the neighborhoods– it’s easy for racoons, coyotes, even deer to show up on the streets. Usually we don’t see them, but they are there. I’ve seen a dear in Prospect park, beaver on the Mississippi by the Franklin St bridge, an otter in Lake Calhoun, a hawk catching and eating a squirrel by the 4th St ramp in Dinkytown, a bald eagle also over lake Calhoun. It’s one of the things I love about living here.

  • Nicole

    Speaking of coyotes…

    I deliver the newspaper and was just finishing my route this morning around 5am and saw a coyote near the Lexington/St. Clair neighborhood. It really doesn’t surprise me, it’s not that far from the river valley and there’s plenty of rabbits running around – makes for good eating!

  • keith

    My daughters claimed they saw a wolf. I quickly looked and assumed it was a coyote. It was. Right by Maplewood mall. We often see deer there. They are devolping the small woodlands into townhomes and the animals are coming out more often. Losing wildlife real estate I guess. We were at the Freedom gas station on Beam and Hazelwood.

  • Dan

    I saw a coyote in Merriam Park, it had a dead rabbit in its mouth and trotted down to the Town and Country Country Club, going through a hole in the fence along Cretin Ave.