Scenes from the parking lot

I’ve always had a “thing” about what cars say about us. There are so many stories in this picture I took this morning. The nature of stereotypes. The declaration of old political bumper stickers. The half-removed Wellstone and Bell stickers. Who tried to take them off? The owner? A Republican?


  • Krista

    The only thing on my car is my MPR member sticker. I think my brother tried to peel if off, but thankfully, it sticks from the INSIDE. Good times at family get togethers….

  • Elizabeth T

    I often thought about putting bumper stickers on my car. I eventually gave in & applied:

    Got Deutsch?

    Twin Cities Immersion German School

    It certainly made finding the car in Cub Foods parking lot easier. Of course, the car got totalled this winter – I’m now stuck with – like Krista – an ‘inside’ cling sticker from the Minnesota Zoo. Because my MPR sticker is on the cover of my laptop as I type … (smile)

  • Al (Krista’s husband)

    Elizabeth – I’m pretty sure we a few extra MPR stickers for your car if you want them. We’re already saturated with them. We have them on Krista’s car, 2 on mine, the guest bedroom window, and I’m sure a few other windows in the house.