Saving Riverview Circle: ‘We had it licked’

morse2_032709.jpg I’m in the Morses’ house, we’re getting water behind the dike now. Next door at John’s house, there’s a small group trying to make sandbags, lots of water coming through there. No volunteers, sandbags or sand being allowed in the neighborhood. I’ll go over there to help out as soon as I finish this post.

An ice ring has formed around a tree out back here…indicating that the water MAY actually be going down.

Lots of people — well, what few people are here — are upset that the city/county gave up on this neighborhood. “We had this thing licked,” Todd Morse’s father said to me a few minutes ago.

morse032709.jpgThere was a pump that the city dropped off earlier this week to be used to pump water behind the dikes. But it wasn’t being used. Todd told them to pump out the water from the street where it’s getting deeper and icing over (Memo to self: Move my car!).

“You’re worried about water in the street?” one cop said. But of course this is the way the river works in this area, the flood comes from behind you when you’re looking at what’s out beyond the dikes.

Here are the pictures Donna gave me to upload. Her brother, by the way, has just pulled in. He drove all night from Colorado Springs.

Here are Donna’s pictures going back to last weekend:

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  • Tammy Johanneck Vatthauer

    My heart goes out to all of you. You are an incredible group of people. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Good luck!

  • Rhonda Jensen

    Todd & Donna:

    Thinking of you and praying for you. Call us when it’s time to clean up and we’ll do what we can for you.

    Love you all,

    Rhonda & Jim

  • Brooke Pezdirtz

    Thanks to everyone sending their thoughts and prayers. They are much needed.

    Bob- thanks for documenting this whole thing. It is remarkable to look at how far things have come. Thanks for capturing all these memories and your writing tells the story so well. Great Job!

  • Mollie and Mike Helser

    Todd, Donna, and kids,

    We are praying for you, the pictures are amazing. It really brings back memories from when we lived there for the flood of 97′. It is amazingly scary… Please keep us posted!

    Love, Mollie, Mike, Makenzee, and Danielle Helser

  • Kris Knight

    GREAT documentation!!! You have MANY pics with orbs in them, which are within the category of luminosities. Some are from the snow but alot of them are not, and it is wonderful to see them in your pics. I have taken thousands of pictures of them; they offer much protection for you.

    Blessings in your hard work and much gratitude for all the support, on many levels.

  • Ginny Bruns

    Todd and Donna,

    Wow you sure had the water rise there. Can a person get in to help you out at all? We could come over. Can we get in to bring some food?

    Let us know. Iwill try to call if you are answering.


  • Paula & Ron Coomer

    Wow! This pictures are unreal!! We love you and our hearts pour out to you!! We’ll be home in less than two weeks and then can come help with the clean up!! Keep us posted on your updates when possible!! Love you!!!

    Paula & Ron