Saving Riverview Circle: ‘We had it licked’

morse2_032709.jpg I’m in the Morses’ house, we’re getting water behind the dike now. Next door at John’s house, there’s a small group trying to make sandbags, lots of water coming through there. No volunteers, sandbags or sand being allowed in the neighborhood. I’ll go over there to help out as soon as I finish this post.

An ice ring has formed around a tree out back here…indicating that the water MAY actually be going down.

Lots of people — well, what few people are here — are upset that the city/county gave up on this neighborhood. “We had this thing licked,” Todd Morse’s father said to me a few minutes ago.

morse032709.jpgThere was a pump that the city dropped off earlier this week to be used to pump water behind the dikes. But it wasn’t being used. Todd told them to pump out the water from the street where it’s getting deeper and icing over (Memo to self: Move my car!).

“You’re worried about water in the street?” one cop said. But of course this is the way the river works in this area, the flood comes from behind you when you’re looking at what’s out beyond the dikes.

Here are the pictures Donna gave me to upload. Her brother, by the way, has just pulled in. He drove all night from Colorado Springs.

Here are Donna’s pictures going back to last weekend:

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