Saving Riverview Circle: Waiting

I’m probably going to be doing quick posts today, so forgive me if they don’t all make sense.

I stopped by Vikki and Bruce Johnson’s this morning. They’re still here but are prepared to leave if need be. “The neighborhood is quiet,” Vikki said. I’ve got an interview with her and I’ll try to post it soon. Bruce will be on Midday this morning with Gary Eichten. They’ve been getting calls from the media today, who apparently picked up their story via News Cut. So I apologized for that.

I’m currently in the kitchen of Todd and Donna Morse. The fire department is out back looking at the dike. Their son and his wife, where they stayed last night, have shown up to help sort things and it’s been difficult for them.

Donna has given me 142 pictures she’s been taking so that I can resize them and get them posted for her — and you — so their relatives from other places can follow them.

John Brummer is back working this morning although I haven’t been over yet, other than to check out a steady stream that’s coming down the driveway.

The National Guard is in the area. I’m told that Hoss asked them for a pump and some help with a weak spot. “That’s not our mission,” came the reply. And, of course, it’s not. They’re here to get people out.