Saving Riverview Circle: Video after the evacuation

Most people appear to have left. I stopped back in at John Brummer’s house and, indeed, they’re all gone. Water streaming down the driveway and into the street. By way of comments, I’ve learned that Vikki and Bruce Johnson are still there, so I’ll try to stop by.

Note the quiet.

  • Tyler

    Bob –

    I’ve been following every post this week with anticipation – this has been some of the most compelling and incredible reporting I’ve ever seen. Your posts have been both informative and emotionally involving. it’s heartbreaking to see that the flood will probably take over after such a herculean effort by the F-M residents and volunteers.

    My family has been mourning the lost of conventional media outlets, especially major newspapers. Your articles are proof that good reporting continues to happen through new outlets.

    Keep it up, and keep SAFE!

  • momkat

    Bob, your coverage is riveting. You mentioned in another post that this neighborhood is on a high point–do you have any idea how high off the river they are? It’s just heartbreaking.

  • Tricia

    Bob, thank you so much for keeping us up to date on the flood crisis. You personalize it in such a way that brings me to tears at times. Please let all involved know that they are in our thoughts and prayers–and so are you!