Saving Riverview Circle: Getting ringed in

I’m back in Riverview Circle, riding in a pickup over very icy and rutty roads. I’m riding with Ed Dorsett of Moorhead, who goes to the same church as Todd and Donna Morse. We’re heading to the store to get some ShopVacs and a marine plug. The plug is for John Brummer’s boat, which he’s preparing, just in case.


The neighborhood is about to be mostly cut off. They’re building a dike along Highway 75. We understand one road will be kept open for now,

We’ve just passed rows and rows of fire trucks from out of the area — Roseville, Grand Lake, Elko, for example.

Things are quiet in the neighborhood.



I checked in with Vikki and Bruce Johnson. Their dog is back home with them and they were able to get a little sleep last night. That look in Bruce’s eyes captured in a post downstream, is still there today. He’s concerned about the dike down at the Brummer and Morse side of the street, and one downstream from their home.

“I hope you’re able to stand there (in the hall) two days from now,” he said.

Indications are I will. Todd Morse, who’s sitting with an icepack on his knee (“I’m at least mobile,” he said ) just showed me the river forecast which is a much brighter picture than even 6 this morning. The crest will — if they’re right — not last as long and be lower than expected.

Snow is due tomorrow.

  • Rhonda Jensen


    Thank you so much for your posts. We are relataives of Todd & Donna, but don’t live near enough to help — except to pray. We would love to pick up the phone and call them, yet we know there attention needs to be elsewhere right now. Your pics and stories help us to know what is happening.

    Todd & Donna: We love you and just keep praying because that’s all we can do. God is good, all the time, even in the flooding. Wish we could do more. Love you all very, very much.

  • Amie Ressler

    Hi Bob,

    This is Amie, the Brummer’s daughter, we just left with our 2 little girls yesterday. I’m just wondering if you have any pictures of the houses closer to 37th Ave which have already been sacrificed and also if you have pictures of the dike being built on Hwy 75.

    You’ve been doing an awesome job keeping us up to date on everything — as insane as all of this is, you’re helping us keep a little sanity with the information on our family and neighbors.

    Thank you!

  • Bob Collins

    I’ll walk up now and take some pictures, Amie. I understand that the house two doors down has water well up on the basement.

    then I’ll walk up and take a shot of the dike. There’s one way in and out now… 20th Ave. We encountered a state trooper keeping the wrong people out earlier today.

  • Kris Brummer

    Thanks Bob for keeping us all up to date. I am John Brummer’s sister. It’s good to see Dad’s boat the Dinghy getting ready to help if need be. I hope and pray you won’t need it John.