Saving Riverview Circle — A view from the air


I’m sorry I haven’t had a chance to post this before. But this Googlemaps view gives you a better idea of what Riverview Circle has been battling. Click for a larger view. The pushpin is 3521 Riverview, the home of the Morses. John Brummer’s house is just above that, and Bruce and Vikki Anderson’s is in the cul de sac across the street. You can even see the swimming pool in the Morse’s backyard, that has been well documented on the News Cut site below.

The water is right up to the backyards now and you can see why there’s been an evacuation. As soon as there’s a breach, the Red River is going to try to run straight, rather than around the neighborhood, and it’s going to cut almost directly through the Morses’ property, over to the Johnson’s and then back to its normal route toward downtown Fargo.

And here’s the houses in better times — Morses on the left, John Brummer’s on the right.


I’m not sure when I’ll be posting again. I have a cellphone modem and I’ll be living out of the car for a few hours while I try to figure out where to go. Apologies in advance if things aren’t quite as detailed as they’ve been the last few days. I’ll be on with Cathy Wurzer on Morning Edition this morning.

Here’s a link to all of the News Cut flood posts so far.

  • Dean Thomas

    Its great to see that someone is actually covering the small towns also. All you ever hear about is the big town ( not that they are not important because they are ), but its nice to see stuff of the little ones. I am very glad to see this for I live in Iowa and my sister ( Lori Lorenz ) lives in Breck. so it really hits home to see and hear whats going on there thank you very much. Good luck with everything and hope it turns out good for everyone up there. We are all praying for you up there. Hoping to make it up there to help out this weekend if its not to late,or if I can still make it up there. Hope the roads let me through.

  • Kevin Hubbard

    I can’t believe any gov’t entity granted a permit for homes to be built on that peninsula given the history of flooding on the Red River.

  • Bob Collins

    Kevin: You’re looking at a two dimension view. You have to see how high up this street actually is from the river. You have to remember, too, it’s flat here. I hear a lot of people in the Twin Cities saying people shouldn’t be permitted to live near the river, but this is a glacial lake and if everyone pulled back, the western edge of Minnesota would be Alexandria.

    Keep in mind, too, the historic nature of this flood. This neighborhood survived ’97. THIS flood is going to be at least two feet above that.