Saving Riverview Circle — Part one

Things were looking pretty bleak for the folks who live on Riverview Circle in Moorhead. They had started sandbagging last weekend. “People were in denial,” one resident told me this afternoon. Denial that the river would rise faster than they’ve seen it, or climb the banking that separates their 1970s-era homes and the Red River, which has every intention of moving in.

That’s when these kids from Hillcrest Lutheran Academy in Fergus Falls showed up to help fill sandbags…


… which were delivered by a skid-loader to the driveway of the homes, where these kids from Fergus Falls High School (they were allowed to come as long as they had a C average or above), formed a chain gang to get them to the backyard…


… which was a great relief to Donna and Todd Morse…


… and their next-door neighbor John Brummer.


Their dike, which stretches south along the meandering river from I-94 for more than a mile, has just been built up to 42 feet above flood stage. They’re hoping it’s enough.

Why are they smiling? Because the kids were smiling, they said.

I’ll have more from all of them later this afternoon and I’ll be checking in with them as the flood crest approaches

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