Riverview Circle fights City Hall

That river of water that’s pouring out of John Brummer’s driveway, and threatening Riverview Circle in Moorhead is not coming from the sandbag dikes that he and the neighbors have been building since last Saturday.

It’s coming from a storm drain the city put in after the flood of ’97, and he’s waiting for the city to come and cap it. He’s been waiting a long time.

Meanwhile, up the Circle a few houses, the city is building a dike in front of houses quickly. They’re being sacrificed for the good of the city that has scurried to what passes for higher ground in these parts.

Here in the Morse household, people munched on pizza while watching the news conference out of Fargo. Gov. Pawlenty, Sen. Klobuchar, and Rep. Peterson are on the TV now, but there’s nobody here watching. They’re back outside and have rejoined the battle.