Prop 8 goes to court


The California Supreme Court is hosting today’s top story.

The court is hearing arguments on three lawsuits intended to overturn last November’s voter approval of a ban on gay unions.

The hearing begins at noon (central time) and you can watch it online here, although there’s a pretty fair chance the servers will collapse under the weight of the audience demand.

If that doesn’t work, try SFGTV or SFGTV2.

All of the court documents for these cases can be found here.

On Twitter, NPR’s Carrie Kahn will provide Twitter updates. However, she is “tweeting” from outside the courthouse.

Of course, there’ll be no decision today on the question of whether the the vote in November amended the state’s constitution or revised it.

American Public Media’s Frank Stoltze, who works for KPCC, provided this backgrounder on today’s hearing.

(Photo: David McNew/Getty Images)