Pawlenty on CNBC

Keeping track of the locals on the national stage today. Gov. Tim Pawlenty went on CNBC today.


  • “(The Republican Party ) needs to be about adding some more people to the coalition because we can’t win like we did in ’06 and ’08; in other words, we lost in those election cycles.”
  • Asked about a specific pro-growth policy for the U.S., Pawlenty said Minnesota is proposing “cutting its business tax rates in half.” Also highlighted “clean and green” tax breaks.
  • Asked about his two brothers who are union members (or were) and whether the Republican Party could ever be “pro-union,” Pawlenty responded “it could be pro-jobs.” Is that a “no”?

    The CNBC anchor — the same one who suggested waterboarding Bernie Madoff — prefaced the interview by saying they were talking to Pawlenty “about whether bipartisanship is even a word anymore.” She didn’t ask any questions about bipartisanship.

    Elsewhere, Politico guesses that Norm Coleman will be the next chairman of the Republican Party.

    • Donavon Cawley

      You can always count on CNBC to mention the tough questions, but never actually ask them!

    • Joel


      In my humble opinion the only “journalist” asking tough questions is John Stewart.

      And Bob Collins.

    • GregS

      John Stewart is a comedian, not a journalist, but then most journalists write hilarious copy too.