Getting worse


I’m no expert on flood preparations, by any means. And nobody’s thrown in the towel in Fargo-Moorhead, but you can almost feel the collective shoulders of the region sag a bit this afternoon with the latest projection that the Red River will crest at 41 feet this weekend.

That’s only a foot lower than the top of the dikes that have been built along the river here, and that’s not a lot of wriggle room. And that’s if the weather people are right.

More roads are being closed in the area this afternoon, and more are going to be.

At the Highway 75 entrance to westbound Interstate 94, the beginnings of a clay dike are emerging. The river is thataway just a few hundred yards. Expect I-94 to close at some point.


  • Dave Johnson

    I don’t like blogs… or maybe its just the name. Whichever the case, whatever you call the format, this is the most interesting and personal coverage of the flood I’ve found.


    an Ada refugee

  • Bob Collins

    Dave, thanks very much for that. It means a lot. I’m leaving the “big picture” to the MPR team — Dan Gunderson, Ambar Espinoza, Tom Robertson, and Than Tibbetts. Their fine work allows me to focus on the little picture — and allows us to get to know a small group of people a little bit better.

    The people I’ve met on Riverview Circle are some of the nicest people you’d ever want to know.

    If I hadn’t gotten to know them so well so quickly, I probably wouldn’t be fretting as much for them as I am this evening.