Five at 8 – 3/18/09

  • AIG bonuses: Populist anger is moral and right, writes Deepak Chopra in the Washington Post today. “Bernie Madoff’s last-minute contrition doesn’t remotely ease his massive immorality. Wall Street types sneaking their bonuses in under the wire are part of a general moral collapse. The social element counts for a lot in this case, because the ethos of Wall Street gleefully permitted runaway greed, reckless disregard of other people’s risks, and general anarchy in the pursuit of profits. In the crude lingo of trading, customers were mooks who existed for one purpose only: to be promoted out of their hard-earned money.”

    Last November, the same newspaper pointed out Congress was willingly signing away oversight (link fixed) of how bailout funds would be spent. Sen. Charles Grassley is retreating from suggestions the execs should kill themselves.

    Next time, folks, read the bill before you pass it.

    Meanwhile, Newsday reports today that members of Congress got AIG bonuses, too, although they call them campaign contributions. The Buffalo News pairs the politicians’ rhetoric with the hard numbers.

  • A study out of Boston shows “patients who leaned the most heavily on their faith were nearly three times more likely to choose and receive more aggressive care near death, such as ventilators or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They were less likely to have advanced care planning in place, such as do-not-resuscitate orders, living wills, and healthcare proxies.”
  • It flies! The combination car/airplane flies! Originally, it was thought the carplane would be handy for long-distance commutes. Now, its primary mission will be to fly over potholes on Minnesota highways.
  • Fill out your tournament bracket. I can’t seem to get the Gophers to advance. Now I know how Tubby feels.
  • Via Ted, the super power of prosthetic legs. Subtext: How different would our lives be if we communicated as honestly as kids?

    • Gary Thaden

      Thanks for “Via Ted, the super power of prosthetic legs.”

    • bsimon

      Bob- your “willingly signing away oversight” link is to the Deepak Chopra piece in the earlier link.