Five at 8 – 3/16/09

Five links in no particular order

  • In honor of last night’s launch of the space shuttle, might I suggest that you take every memo you get from the boss this week and turn it into a space shuttle paper airplane?
  • What happens when a newspaper shuts down? Its employees — the ones that aren’t offered gigs at the remaining newspaper in town — start an online “paper.” A video shows ink-stained wretches in Denver trying to get from the back of the parade to the front.
  • Viral video. It went up Saturday. The rapping Southwest flight attendant.
  • Tired — or jealous — of all your friends who are at South by Southwest while you’re stuck here at home? Then pay no attention to the Minnov8 podcast from the locale that must not be named.
  • The Gophers are in the NCAA tournament? And you sit there not knowing how to set up an office pool. (Tip: don’t bet on the Gophers)

    Bonus: A Sudan refugee gets new vestments in Mankato.

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