Five at 8 – 3/12/09

Five suggestions for things to read while you’re preparing for the dreaded midmorning meeting:

  • The newspaper industry is becoming this century’s Generalissimo Francisco Franco. It’s the death watch that never seems to end. The New York Times — speaking of death watch — reports that while two-newspaper cities are talking about becoming one-newspaper cities, they should perhaps consider life as no-newspaper cities. Interesting quotes — aside from the mention of locals — is the comment of a person who hates his local paper, and then adds he doesn’t want to think about life without it. But here’s an article that shows why it might not be the end of the world.
  • The News Cut Quiz, on those occasions when I get around to putting one together, usually comes out on Friday. I like the Guardian’s idea, though. A whacky Wednesday quiz. Unfortunately, there are only five questions. From what I can tell, this week has already been at least 10-question whacky.
  • Christina Wessel, at Minnesota Budget Bites, writes that Minnesota actually has an $12.9 billion budget problem (taking inflation into account, which for some reason, the state budget doesn’t), because there’s another big deficit coming after the one lawmakers are trying to plug now. She writes that the one-time budget gimmicks aren’t going to work anymore because of a new law that the governor has signed.
  • Picture of the day. Please note: This is very disturbing. It’s a picture taken at the moment a bomb goes off as Sri Lankan Muslim men celebrate a religious holiday. The people have no clue what’s about to happen. Find the story here.
  • Cowboy poetry. Need I say more to pique your interest?
  • Past Tense Bonus: Air traffic art and something to hold you until Jon Stewart takes on Jim Cramer tonight.
    • bsimon

      “taking inflation into account, which for some reason, the state budget doesn’t”

      More curious is why the state budget DOES account for inflation when calculating revenue, but NOT when calculating expenses. This is what we call a Gimmick.

    • momkat

      Cramer is undoubtedly consumed with flopsweat right now. I’m making popcorn.

    • David W.

      Bob, thanks for pointing out how absurd the call from some puntwits on CNBC to waterboard Madoff is. I do appreciate hearing some well-deserved media criticism from MPR. I think Mary L. was even a bit shocked!