An escape to fashion

There was an interesting segment on APM’s Marketplace the other night on how the recession is affecting the way we dress. You’d think that we’d be slobbing it up a bit, but actually — the story goes — we’re dressing up for the down economy.

“It’s time to really make an effort, you can just sink down into, you know, the depths and think about this gloom and doom. And fashion is something that, you know, traditionally is an escape for people, and I think no more so than right now, people will look to it as an escape,” said Kate Betts, a fashion editor.

She also said she was shocked — shocked — when she was in Milan the other day and heard there were stores that went an entire day without anyone showing up. “And remember Italians are big consumers of fashion and luxury,” she said.

Did she say Milan? Milan, where it’s fashion week this week?

This is what they’re turning out for people to wear in Milan these days:





Of course, it was another cruddy day in the economy. Unemployment numbers for February showed nearly 700,000 lost their jobs, and your retirement plan tanked again.

The good news. Things haven’t gotten bad enough to make you want to “escape” to that. Have they?

  • Steve B.

    Kate Betts needs Toastmasters.

  • sm

    Depressions do seem to spawn great fashion trends. How about those 1930’s feed sack dresses? Weren’t they divine?

    Fashion is more art form than influence peddler: Theater of the Absurd.

  • fanshionista cat


    ‘The Red Piano’: is there a secret meaning behind this photo? I see she has three fingers on keys G and A. Perhaps she’s a terrorist.

    Nope. A gangster more like, disguised as a piano as it is shaped like a red gun.

  • Joel

    fashion is hilarious.

  • breakfast club

    …you know models are really good at things like walking while balancing books or breadsticks on thier heads.