AIG’s campaign contributions

Earlier, I provided a link to a few news stories about AIG’s campaign contributions, which is getting grilled today by many of the recipients over the millions paid out in bonuses.

According to the watchdog site,, these Minnesota candidates have received campaign contributions by the AIG Group.


Michele Bachmann $250

Norm Coleman $1,000

Elwyn Tinklenberg $750

Al Franken $400


Amy Klobuchar $3,000

Mark Kennedy $1,250


Jim Oberstar $3,000


Norm Coleman $7,333

Paul Wellstone $1,100

Jim Oberstar $1,000

Update 3:23 p.m. From Dave Dziok, communications director for Rep. Michele Bachmann:

If you follow the link below you will see that an analyst for AIG in Houston, Texas, donated to Congresswoman Bachmann’s campaign but not to the AIG PAC.

Here’s the link for donors to AIG’s PAC. Trevor Cox of Houston, TX doesn’t appear on there at all.

Here’s the link to Trevor Cox’s donations which are completely separate and independent from AIG. Simply because he is employed there does not mean he is associated with the PAC that is responsible for political contributions in any way. The names he contributed to, on his own, seem to be all pro-life heavy hitters.,%20Trevor

Congresswoman Bachmann has not ever received donations from AIG. As we told the CRP, the way they report is misleading so I understand how the confusion was made, but the story as reported is misleading so I wanted to draw it your attention.

  • Jamie

    I don’t understand. I thought corporations couldn’t contribute to political campaigns. Is AIG Group actually a PAC or something?

  • Bob Collins

    Right. PAC and individual contributions attributed to AIG.