Who’s bankrolling the recount?

MPR’s Mark Zdechlik is following the financial reports of Norm Coleman and Al Franken, who have filed their financial statements showing where the money is coming from that’s financing their recount operations.

Here are some of the big contributors:

Norm Coleman

James Booth – Inez, Kentucky. $12,300. Head of a coal mining consortium

Lisa and Philip Falcone – New York. $12,300 each. Falcone operates a hedge fund. He was among the hedge fund operators called to testify before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in November.

Joseph Fogg – Naples, Fl. $12,300. Owns a private equity fund (Westbury Partners)

Scott Honour, Pacific Palisades, CA. – $12,300. Runs The Gores Group, a private equity firm.

Stanley Hubbard, St. Paul – $10,000. Owns KSTP.

John Menard, Eau Claire – $12,300. Owns Menard’s.

Glen Nelson, Minnetonka – $12,300. Chairman of Medtronic (ret.) GDN Holdings. (updated)

Richard Notebaert, Chicago – $12,300. CEO of Qwest.

Ricky Sandler, New York – $12,300. Investment firm executive.

Here’s the list of the major donors to Coleman’s recount organization.

Al Franken

Mark Dayton, Minneapolis – $12,300. Heir to the Dayton fortune. Former senator.

Fred Eyechaner, Chicago – $12,300. Media mogul.

John Neu, New York – $12,300. Private firm in the recycling business.

Arthur Segel, Brookline, Ma. – $12,300. Harvard Business School professor.

Bruce Wasserstein, New York – $12,300. CEO of Lazard, an investment house.

F. Kenneth Bailey Jr., Houston – $12,300. Personal injury attorney.

Joshua Bekenstein, Wayland Ma. – $12,300. Managing director of Bain Capital, the private equity firm that also included former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

George Bilicic, Locust Valley, NY – $12,300. Chairman of the power, utilities and infrastructure sector at Lazard.

John Coffey, New York – $12,300. Trial attorney

Timothy J. Disney, Hollywood – $12,300. Screenwriter.

Charles Ledley, NY – $12,300. Money manager.

Dorothy Lichtenstein, NY – $12,300. Wife of the late Roy Lichtenstein.

Michael J. Skloff, Encino, CA. – $12,300. Musician.

Here’s the list of the big money for Franken.

  • MR

    Dick Ebersol, who helped launch SNL, and Paul Shaffer, of the Letterman show, gave Franken a fair bit of money. $7500 from Ebersol, and $5000 from Shaffer.

    Ebersol has only one listed prior donation: $2000 to Clinton. Shaffer has no prior donations.

  • Jim!!!

    I’m pretty sure Glen Nelson is no longer associated with Medtronic.

    I’m curious about how the smaller donations compare overall.

  • bsimon

    Assuming some or most of these folks are business savvy, I’m curious whether they’d share their expected ROI*.

    * Return On Investment

  • Jim!!!

    With donors like Shaffer and Ebersol, I’m guessing it’s Al who’s reaping a return on his investment.

  • Fred

    Wow, Karl Rove is one of my contributors? I must be so proud.