One of the top stories in the country right now is a report that an arrest is near in the killing of Washington intern Chandra Levy eight years ago.

According to the Washington Post:

Sources with knowledge of the investigation who spoke under condition of anonymity told The Post that police plan to arrest Ingmar Guandique. The 27-year-old Salvadoran immigrant attacked two women at knifepoint in Rock Creek Park around the time of Levy’s disappearance in May 2001. He was convicted in those attacks and is serving a 10-year sentence in federal prison in California.

The Sunday newspaper headlines could also say, “(Former Congressman) Gary Condit didn’t do it.”

Condit, who lost a re-election bid in 2002, had maintained his innocence and said he was the victim of overzealous prosecutors and a rabid media.

“It is unfortunate that an insatiable appetite for sensationalism blocked so many from searching for the real answers for so long,” Condit said on Saturday according to the Post. “I had always hoped to have the opportunity to tell my side of the story, but too many were not prepared to listen. Now I plan to do so, but I will have no further comments on this story at this time.”

  • Gorg Borg

    Gary Condit is obviously a lot more mature than I am, because my first instinct would be to reply with “I told you so…”

    I am not sure what the guy is doing now, but I would hope that he is able to live a somewhat normal life.

    This is a prime example of why I have a hard time with most of TV news. Shows like 48 Hours, Dateline, etc. are all about manufacturing news. All of the speculation and TV coverage surrounding Gary Condit ruined the guy’s politcal career. From all the TV coverage back then, you would assume the guy was prosecuted and found guilty.

  • Joel

    I’m not sure “I told you so” would really do much good. But nevertheless, it would seem the media and investigators owe Condit a huge apology.