Where good ideas go to die

This video, depicting the difficulty of getting ideas around the suffocating government bureaucracy at NASA, is getting lots of traction today.

The video was produced by astronaut Andrew Thomas.

The film shows how innovation-blocking behaviors are “all too common” at the space center, according to a story on NPR’s Morning Edition today.

The film was shown at a NASA retreat, seeking to find out why good ideas don’t get implemented.

Question: How much different (or not) is this satire from the way ideas get considered at your workplace?

  • ElizabethT

    I kept hoping my fantasy would happen: oppressive fearful ideologues get squashed at the end as the innovative, courageous employee is victorious. Wake up, end of fantasy …

    This is great.

  • Paul

    It troubles me that people at NASA always wear the same clothes, every day. This needs to be examined.