The search for the recession-proof job

In December, I wrote about jobs that may be recession proof. It came on a day when hospitals announced large cutbacks, exploding the notion that health care was recession-proof. It’s not.

“Mortician,” a reader volunteered, a suggestion that seemed perfect for the times.

But MPR’s Tom Robertson pokes that bubble with a needle today, too. It’s not that people aren’t dying, Tom points out in his story today, it’s that when they go, they’re going more cheaply. The big caskets aren’t selling.

So let’s scratch “mortician” off the list, too. What’s left?

A TV station in Oklahoma went searching for some last week. “Health care” was #1 on their list. It was an odd conclusion, all things considered, but if you look at the job listings for area medical centers in Minnesota, there are jobs posted despite the announced layoffs.

The Boston Globe today profiles a young couple, victims of the economy who have been looking for work and identifies “career management counselor” as a recession-proof job. How does one break into that business?

Lawyers once were considered recession proof. Those days are gone.

On the other side of the coin, however, heating and air conditioning repair, barbers and hair stylists. And the biggest growth industry is government.