Reversal of fortune

It’s a small step; a very, very small step. But US Airways announced today they’re bringing back free drinks. US Airways was one of the few airlines to charge $1 for coffee and $2 for soft drinks and water, but there was always the danger other airlines would follow suit.

Now, about those checked baggage fees…

  • This is good news. I have noticed that US air charged for drinks but had free movies, Northwest/delta had free drinks but no movies. They all seem to have those extra fees and with all the limits I have to dismantle my camera and back it with my laptop, which also becomes my purse so I can get by with one bag. Yet no matter how carefully I pack the first thing I hear when I get to the airport is that the flight will be delayed and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Funny how not one other airline thought this was a good idea. Feel bad for anyone flying between now and the end of February…you’d think they would make the change effective immediately.