Proud, deeply committed, deeply honored, and out of here

meria_austin.jpgMeria Carstarphen is accepting the job as the Austin, Texas school superintendent, giving us the opportunity to parse her statement of last week when she said…. well, we’re still not sure exactly what she said.

But here’s what she said:

“I am proud to be the Superintendent of Saint Paul Public Schools and am continuing to work to serve the District’s students, families, staff and community members every day. It is well known that I very much enjoy my job here and remain deeply committed to achieving the vision that we have set forth over the past three years.”

SPPS has big work ahead of us in the coming months with preparations for spring testing, Large-Scale System Changes and budget reductions. I am committed to leading those efforts.”

And here’s what she said today:

“I am extremely honored to have secured the confidence of the Austin School District Board of Trustees that they would name me the lone finalist to become their next school superintendent.

“I am deeply honored to have worked with the St. Paul Public Schools families and staff. It is thanks to their commitment that we have come such a long way in the district in such a short time.”

The Austin-American Statesman comments section to the story is not filled with the happy welcome of Austin. It’s chock full of the best wishes of St. Paulites.

WOO HOO!! She’s your problem now!

Carstarphen has not completed three years in Saint Paul yet. If that is a measure of her dedication to her constituency, good luck in Austin.

Thank god. I am truly sorry for your students, teachers, and community, but this is such a blessing for St. Paul. Carstarphen is a rock star for sure. She is narcissistic and self-absorbed. She come in, surround herself only with yes-men and women, alienate most senior staff and teachers. She will implement many “sweeping” changes, but won’t stick around to see them through or be held accountable for results. Remember that her D.C. gig only lasted 18 months, and she was with us less than 3 years. Do not be fooled, this is all about Meria, and not about students or Austin. Yes, she truly is a “Rock Star”. Glad you got her!

Why does this choice NOT surprise me in the least! I wouldn’t even have to see her resume to know that she’d be “highly thought of”. __ And by the comments from the people of St Paul, we’re in for something LESS than expected

I would like to that the citizens of Austin for relieving our school district of a total failure. You will certainly find this out later.

This woman is a charter member of the transient club of school supers that bounce from failing district to failing district. They know all the buzz words, they are described as “rock stars”. Once she arrives she’ll disappear for a couple years and ZERO will change. You will have paid her well over a million for a couple years of nothing and poof she’ll be gone to the next stop……

Good luck and a hearty thank you for relieving us of this no results slick talker……

Photo: Jay Janner/AMERICAN-STATESMAN – Dr. Meria Carstarphen, the lone finalist to replace Pat Forgione as AISD Superintendent, says hello to Eydie (CQ) Lugo’s first grade class at Zilker Elementary School today.

  • Jon

    Correct spelling: Meria Carstarphen

  • I’m not inclined to be as critical of the lady as the prevailing mood might like me to be. It seems to me that her contract here is up, and she’s moving on to a bigger playground. Was it the most ethical/honorable course to take? Maybe not. If people are mad that the Superintendent is leaving now, blame the school board members who offered her a 3-year contract. I think her statement’s relatively accurate – she enjoyed being here, she accomplished a lot (would she have been able to garner what is, effectively, a promotion if she had failed here?), and she’s excited to move on.