Pawlenty watching

After a two-and-a-half-month vacation from “does Pawlenty want to be president?” talk, the political wags are back at it because of the governor’s trip to a security conference in Munich, following a trade mission to Israel.

Chris Cizzilla, who writes The Fix blog for the Washington Post says Pawlenty has “obvious national ambitions,” but otherwise engages in the usual speculation that Pawlenty will run for president in 2012.

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    Palin/Pawlenty 2012?

  • Joel

    Palin/Pawlenty 2012?

    Never happen. The only person qualified to serve as VP to Palin is Palin.

  • sherry

    Pawlenty cares more about running for president and, therefore, complying with the Republican party line on taxes, budgets, higher education (the future of our economy in Minnesota), etc then he does about Minnesota. We need a governor who will put Minnesota first in these tough times.