Live-blogging the presidential address

We’d like to get your feedback and observations as the president speaks to a joint session of Congress about the economy. Afterwards, react to Gov. Bobby Jindal’s response.

  • Joe

    I think it is disgusting that justices Roberts and Scalia chose not to attend the president’s address. That smacks of political comment and is not what Americans should expect of a U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

  • meg

    Wow, thanks for the live blogging. I missed it while it was live, but found a desperate desperate need for somebody other than David Brooks (who’s post-Jindal commentary was amazing btw) to point out how totally amazingly awful Bobby Jindal’s speech was. I think it shortened my life by 2 years. The combination of astonishingly bad delivery (hello, cheezy campaign ad anyone?) with the totally unbelievable claim that Louisiana should be our model for anything was more than I could bear.

    So thanks News Cut!

  • Bob Collins

    Thanks, Meg. I didn’t hear Brooks’ comments but I did read about them later and I admit I had a sigh of relief of the “wow, it’s not just me” variety.

    Can I beat another dead horse, however? I went back and watched the speech again because I missed the shout out to the kid who wrote about her crumbling school. In particular, I missed the look on her face — and Mrs. Obama’s — during the shoutout.

    How cool that must have been.

    A few minutes later, I saw Don Shelby slip into the same trap the rest of the newsies are running into when he did his commentary about all the email he’s receiving asking the media not to have a steady drumbeat of bad news.

    He condescendingly pointed out it’s his job and journalists shouldn’t stick their heads in the sand.

    Why do so many journalists think what people are saying is they want journalists to ignore the economy or say it’s something it’s not?

    They’re not saying they want journalists to pretend the economy is fine, they’re saying they want journalists to occasionally come at it from a different direction.

    The kid’s story is an example of that — someone doing something about the way things are. Is it the top story of the day? Perhaps not. But it’s a component of it and what people are saying is “couldn’t we have a little more than that?”

    Couldn’t we be reminded — occasionally — that we’re not — as the girl wrote — “quitters”?

    That so many journalists don’t understand what people are asking for is almost as frightening as the future.

  • bsimon

    “I think it is disgusting that justices Roberts and Scalia chose not to attend the president’s address.”

    If I’m not mistaken, it is traditional for several justices to stay out of the room. Just as its traditional for a couple cabinet members to skip the speech. The idea is that if something terrible happens, there’s somebody around to take over.

    Obama: set himself up to be evaluated on whether he’s done a good job or not in 2012.

    Jindal: did not live up to the hype. I think the whole concept of an ‘opposition party’ response is ridiculous anyway; Jindal demonstrated why, by not addressing a single thing the president proposed, instead attacking things the president explicitly did not propose. Congratulations on defeating the straw men so expeditiously, Governor.

  • David W.

    I started to listen to the speech last night, but after five minutes of Mara Liasson’s inane pre-speech blathering I decided to read a book instead. Hey Bob, why was Bob Edwards canned?

  • Bob Collins

    //Hey Bob, why was Bob Edwards canned?

    You’d have to ask NPR but my guess is he wasn’t reaching the demographic NPR wanted him to reach.

  • momkat

    I’m fairly certain I saw Justice Roberts come in–I remember thinking that I thought he’d come in first but he was in the middle of the justices. On a similar note, I choked up a bit when Ginsberg came in all smiles and got such a nice greeting from the President.

  • Carolynn

    So Jindal is the “new face” of the Rep. party? They’re in worse shape than I thought. His speech was totally inane and made no sense. I especially thought it was really weird when he acted like LA pulled itself out of Katrina. What??!!