If not a cherry…


The removal of the cherry from the spoon at the Walker’s sculpture garden is the most covered story involving a fruit in the history of Minnesota, it would appear.

This picture is from MPR senior producer Jim Bickal. Though the spoon looks lost, it got me to thinking in my patented there-are-no-problems-only-opportunities way.

What might be a fitting food to put there instead? Cheerios to honor our unofficial state oat cereal? Porridge to accurately portray the budget situation?

  • fasolamatt

    Cod liver oil to prepare us for the next dozen or more years of payback for our recent profligate ways…

  • Kevin

    Perhaps we could look at this a do-over for our sadly predictable state quarter.

    Instead of the ubiquitous loon and canoe, we could try out different things on the spoon, such as:

    Jesse Ventura’s head (sized to reflect the ego)


    Hockey Puck


    Northwest Airlines Logo (which would slowly fade away to reveal Delta)

    Honeycrisp Apple

    the Mystery Science Theater Logo Moon.

    Bowling Ball

    Coen Brother (to be alternated)


    Stocking Cap



    I am sure that some of the more adept PhotoShoppers out there may have something even better in the works…

  • Alison

    Your picture looks like they replace the cherry with an M&M or a raisin.