How much would you risk to help someone?

Would you help someone if you knew it would cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs?

When an ABC News reporter asked that question, Nigel Haskett of Little Rock, Ark., didn’t need much time to think about it.

“I ask myself that question, many, many, many times over. Uh, yes sir I would. I just felt like that’s the right thing to do … even if it would have killed me.”

And it almost did kill the McDonald’s employee when he intervened to get a customer to stop assaulting a woman. He was shot in the chest for his trouble, he’s spent $300,000 on surgeries so far, he can’t afford to see a doctor, and a bullet remains lodged near his spine. He’s been told he should never lift heavy objects again.

But that’s not the story. The story is the McDonald’s insurance carrier is refusing to pay the Worker’s Compensation claim because stopping a guy from beating up a woman wasn’t part of his regular duties.

Legal experts say the insurance company is on solid legal ground.

  • Chris

    I guess this means that McD’s wont be bringing back their old slogan “You deserve a break today”

  • Dan

    No more Micky D’s for me.

  • Minn Whaler

    And they don’t offer employee health insurance…

  • wow! I guess I always new that insurance companies are huge heartless money grubbing corporations as is McDonald’s but this really drives the point home. I would say the story is more about selling your time to a huge money grubbing corporation than it is about helping another. he likely acted on instinct and was not thinking about insurance when he helped the woman.

  • This is sickening to me. These insurance companies need to get out of this rut of doing only what their lawyers tell them to do. If it’s legal is it ethical? We as a country will continue to cannibalize each other and drag this country into the sewer, until we go back to doing the right thing, being truthful, etc.

  • wh1tekn1ght

    It is said that true wisdom is expressed in how and when you bend and break the rules set in front of you, as opposed to just knowing the rules. I frequently find that rules and regulations merely serve an inhibition to intelligence. However since not everyone is intelligent, they are a necessary evil. This story is a perfectly fine example of this. The insurance company is just going on what their little sheet of paper says, as is McDonald’s, and anyone with a good mind can clearly see this man deserves money. Hell, if I was McDonald’s I would pay this man’s medical bills, and then tell the world, people may actually think McDonald’s is decent company for two seconds then. This would generate income as people would want to eat at the place that helped this modern day hero. At least it would remove some of the guilt people feel when they support McDonald’s, either way, McDonald’s does not benefit from not helping this man, other than it does not invest 300k+ in a good marketing idea, and they make anyone who hears this story not want to eat there, I know I sure don’t, I wouldn’t support any company that cruel, and as I hope I’ve pointed out, stupid.

  • Paul

    Broken record time… we need a national single payer health program. The people who are supposed to be paying for our health care are literally killing us.

  • Joanna

    I can’t boycott McD’s because of this because I already do, but this story just underlines the stupidity of a healthcare system in which an act of heroism can be punished. I hope somehow this man gets legal representation to force McD’s to honor their obligation under the law, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Noelle

    I read the abc article and this is absolutely infuriating. I work for a third party administrator that handles worker’s comp claims, and judging by some of the things we will cover (e.g. a worker sticking their hand in a printer and getting burned, or tripping over their own feet), it’s incredible that McDonald’s doesn’t consider this to be within the employee’s ‘scope of employment’. What if they witnessed a parent physically abusing a child?

  • Kay

    Ok, McD’s, don’t submit it to your worker’s comp insurance – just cut the check yourself, ya big fat bloated selfish corporation!

  • Lewis

    So much for assistance in McDonalds. Will support safer places.

  • Dawn VC

    Way to go McDonalds!! It will be the LAST time I support you and your cruddy food!! I like the last comment. You are a BIG FAT Blood sucking corporation!!

    What if that was you or your family member that was being threatend, or beat (as a customer) at McDonalds and a hero had stopped your family member from being injured or killed???? (I’m refering to the lady being harrassed and beat). what if that was your son who was the hero that saved this lady, and took the bullet????? Hummm…..the tables would be turned wouldn’t it??????

    Don’t hide behind your blood sucking laywers, and as far as insurance company goes I have only one word to say to you !@#$%@#$!!! and McD’s, two words for you as far as the workmans comp goes……PAY IT!!!!!!!

  • Dawn

    Well McD’s, two words…………….BOY COTT!!!

    I’m a Social Butterfly, and my word of mouth can travel a LONG WAY, along with the news coverage on this story. I work with the public, and it customer sercvice. I have realitives in the area where this happend, and believe me, they will NEVER go to your McDonalds AGAIN!!! Pay up to what you need to do!!!

  • Bruce

    I don’t think we’re getting the story straight here. If McDonald’s is trying to dodge expenses, they would go for the workman’s compensation.

    With Workman’s Compensation, an employee can get compensation for workplace-related injuries, but that employee relinquishes the right to sue the employer (for things like negligence, unsafe work environment, emotional distress, pain & suffering).

    I would check with those experts. This sounds like a battle between McD’s attorneys and their insurance company’s attorneys. I’m sure there are plenty of personal injury attorneys who would be happy to sue.

  • Matt

    There’s also an interesting twist — the owner of this specific franchise is willing to pay off the costs of his surgeries in full if the claim is denied. It seems the insurance company is the real problem here, not McDonald’s. Boycott them if you must, but not over this.

  • Mark Gisleson

    The CEO of McDonald’s should pray that no one ever goes “postal” at McDonald’s World HQ because what possible incentive would any employee have to try to stop a nutter with a gun?

    McDonald’s is beyond huge. If they told their insurer to pay up, the insurer would — period.

    At best this is about huge corporations and insurance companies running out the clock on claims, ruthlessly bankrupting people whose dire straits are needlessly complicated by corporate refusal to honor their end of the deal.

  • J.C.

    This is why we need to suck it up and pay our taxes for universal health insurance. It is shameful that we as Americans can’t provide health insurance to this guy.

    In the meantime, never eat at McDonald’s.