Find the Republican governors

From what we can tell, Gov. Tim Pawlenty didn’t get a prime seat at the White House today when the nation’s governors met with President Barack Obama. You’ll have to click these to see the larger images.

We can’t find him to Obama’s right.


We don’t see him to the left:


And he didn’t make the photo op in front of the White House, which he’s considering running for in 2012.


Truth be told, though, we don’t see good seats being given to many of the Republican governors who aren’t making their presidential aspirations a secret. But, Bobby Jindal got a corner seat (in the first image).

(Photos by Dennis Brack-Pool/Getty Images)

  • I didn’t see Palin 2012 either….

  • Tonya

    On a totally different note, look at the number of males vs females! And people wonder why feminists are upset! 🙂

  • Craig

    I do see a two-headed (faced?) Rendell, though. OK – cheap shot, but man that looks strange !!

  • Craig

    Whoops, upon further review.. is that Biden behind Rendell in photo #1? …nevermind… 😉

  • bsimon

    Is that not the Gov in the lower right of the middle picture with his fist to his chin?

    And what’s that thing in the middle – is the kudzu taking over DC too?

  • Bob Collins

    I thought that, too, but when you expand the picture, there are placecards on either side of his hands that are his. Beningo Fitial to his right. Of course you recognize him as governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, right?

    And I can’t read the placecard on the left. Plus I don’t think the guy has the proper beard growth to be Pawlenty.

  • Bob Collins

    Looking at this picture of Pawlenty from the dinner Sunday night and comparing the “just barely touching the front of the ears” haircut with the guy in the foreground of the middle picture, that could be him.

  • Bob

    The reason you can’t see Pawlenty is that he was seated in the taxophobics section, which at these kinds of gatherings is akin to a seat in the left field bleachers.

    Collins, I know you get crabby when people complain about all the white guys running things, but I have to agree with Tonya that it would be nice to get to the point that when such gatherings are held, the photos would show many more women, as well as lots more ethnic diversity, among the attendees.

  • Alison

    You beat me to it Tonya. My first thought was to rewrite the headline to read ‘Find the Female Governer’.

  • michele

    That last photo reminds of the Avedon photo, “The Generals of the Daughters of the American Revolution”, that hangs in the bar at The Black Forest Inn. The only thing missing are the two bullet holes.