Days off

I’m burning up some vacation time for a few days so I can begin to accumulate it again. So I won’t be posting until Tuesday. Than Tibbetts and, hopefully, a few other well-connected newsroom people will post while I’m gone. Don’t go away.

In the spirit of reruns, here’s a few of my favorite posts from back when few people knew News Cut existed:

Captain Bibeau’s lesson – Minor update. I checked in with Jeff a few weeks ago.

Thanx for asking! I am counting days.

I am fine. I keep busy. Especially maintaining ties with home.

I recently spent 15 days on leave and stopped into the school. They were quite funny. They said, “hey, stop in and see us at…” Turns out they put together an impromptu 40th B-day party for me.

I also coordinated a run here to coincide with my school district’s annual run:

Quite funny how that spiraled. Anyway, seems like a lot of exposure this year…for just doing my job.

Take care and I hope all is well with you.

Pregnant and fired — I’d love to find out how she’s doing.

Reflections on Seeger – We kicked around what it means to be patriotic, and an American.

My environmental disaster – An essay I put together on trying to get rid of electronic junk. It’s a lot easier now.

What’s China got? – Thoughts on a country’s “determination” can be viewed in a different context these days.

Three Minute Tales – Carol Lage

I put Carol’s story on there because I wrote it right around the time News Cut started. One of my ideas was going to be a segment called Three-minute tales — short profiles on people doing interesting things. That’s it; nothing more. But it depended on getting e-mail from readers saying “hey, I know someone who ….” In fact, that story above about Jeff Bibeau came that way.

I still think it’s an idea that could work and I’d like to encourage you to think about people you know who are doing interesting things. It doesn’t have to be front-page material (not a lot of News Cut items are, you may have noticed).

Think about it, and fill up my inbox so I’ll have something to read on Tuesday morning.

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