Carstarphen’s view

St. Paul school superintendent Meria Carstarphen released a statement this afternoon following reports she’s in the running to be the superintendent of schools in Austin, Texas.

I am proud to be the Superintendent of Saint Paul Public Schools and am continuing to work to serve the District’s students, families, staff and community members every day. It is well known that I very much enjoy my job here and remain deeply committed to achieving the vision that we have set forth over the past three years.

In that time, SPPS has repositioned itself to address, not only current, but future needs. We have a strategic plan that takes us through 2011. We have a process in place to develop recommendations for systemic changes that are needed. The Board, the community and the SPPS staff are well aware of the need to continue the change process.

SPPS has big work ahead of us in the coming months with preparations for spring testing, Large-Scale System Changes and budget reductions. I am committed to leading those efforts.

It is my understanding that the superintendent search in Austin is a closed search and I am not in a position to comment on that process. Any questions regarding that process are best directed to Austin.

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