Animal stories

Nothing gets people worked up like stories about animals. Two are in the news today.

In the Twin Cities, 118 cats were euthanized after they were rescued from a St. Anthony mobile home. The Humane Society deemed them too sick to be adopted. Animal Ark, a no-kill shelter, said it would’ve saved the cats if the Humane Society had returned its calls. The bulletin boards and letters-to-the-editor sites are buzzing.

In the UK, the head of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in Europe is defending a demonstration at the Westminster Dog Show, during which PETA dressed up as members of the KKK to claim that the show was promoting a master race for dogs.

“We want people to see that if they are outraged – as they should be – by the way the KKK arbitrarily labels certain people “inferior” simply because of the way they look, they should also be outraged that the AKC does the same thing to dogs,” Poorva Joshipura said.