Where’s Al?

The Franken campaign has been working hard, sending out press releases every time a commenter says he’s the apparent winner in the Senate race.

A few minutes ago, his campaign reacted to today’s Supreme Court ruling that said, basically, if Norm Coleman wants 650 more absentee ballots counted in the race, he should file a challenge to the election in court.

“Today, the Supreme Court once again affirmed the validity of the rules under which this recount was conducted. Minnesotans have waited a long time for a winner to be declared in this race, and today, with the last attempt to halt the counting process now having failed, Al Franken will be declared the winner.”

But the statement didn’t come from Al Franken. It came from attorney Marc Elias, his lead attorney in the recount. (Here’s a copy of the court order.)

Now that Franken is the presumptive winner of the recount, it’s time to ask some important questions. Here’s one: Where is Al Franken?

I’ve sent a couple of messages to the campaign officials today, but the only thing coming back are more press releases with more press clippings about the recount.

Here’s what I’d like to know:

  • What has Franken has been doing for the last few weeks? Is he he in Minneapolis or somewhere else? How has he been spending the time.
  • Obviously he’s been laying low but with all the claims of victory that the campaign has been sending out, will he be making some public appearances soon?
  • Is he making any plans to move his family to Washington?
  • Will he be attending the inauguration of the president?
  • Does he have any positions or comments on the last two months of political news and events that have gone on? What is his stance on Israel’s incursion into Gaza?

    Answers later (hopefully). Meanwhile, if you’ve seen Al Franken, let me know.

    Update 3:10 pm – Franken is to make a statement outside of his Minneapolis home at 4 pm