What not to bring to the inauguration

In just a few weeks the country will have a new leader. The inauguration is a time to celebrate our freedoms.

Oh, here’s what’s banned from the inauguration:

* Firearms and ammunition (either real or simulated)

* Explosives of any kind (including fireworks)

* Knives, blades, or sharp objects (of any length)

* Mace and/or pepper spray

* Sticks or poles

* Pocket or hand tools, such as “Leatherman”

* Packages

* Backpacks

* Large bags

* Alcoholic Beverages

* Signs

* Animals (other than service animals)

* Camera bags

* Duffel bags

* Posters

* Tripods

* Laser pointers

* Umbrellas

* Strollers

* Coolers

* Thermoses

* Suitcases

Has there ever been an assassination attempt with a sign? Is it OK to bring a Bill Richardson mask? It’d be the closest Richardson — real or not — ever gets to the White House.

  • Elizabeth T

    okay, not to be tooooo picky …

    strollers? How am I supposed to get my 2 year old through the throngs of people? Like I am expected to keep a 12-mo. old warm in one of the back-pack carriers?

    I guess they don’t really want anyone to bring children under the age of 5.

    Of course, perhaps they should have specifically prohibited babies – god alone knows what you could hide in one of those Baby Bjorns besides wet diapers.

  • Marie Taylor

    Will there be accommodations for wheelchairs and other senior citizens with limited mobility.

  • DDS


  • Artaymis Maat

    i am curious why one cannot bring a camera bag? i work for a newspaper, but i am probably not on the list. does this mean no picture taking? thats the whole point of going. Thanks