What if we sold the White House?

A firm which knows how to get attention for its press releases has calculated the market value of the White House:

Real estate Web site Zillow.com today announced it has calculated a Zestimate(R) value for the White House were it actually a home that could be bought and sold. That estimated value – $308,058,000 – would make this by far the most expensive residence in the United States, however still more than $23 million less than its value one year ago. Zillow(R) calculated this value using its proprietary Zestimate algorithm that determines a home’s estimated worth today based on public data and recent sales.

It’s also calculated that the monthly payment would be $1.48 million, not including the taxes and insurance escrow.

The firm has also calculated that the market value of the White House has declined by 7.2% this year which is a much smaller hit than many Americans have taken.

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