The week-in-review quiz

There’s something comforting in the peaceful exchange of power — a baton not dropped, a presidency assured, a News Cut Quiz not aced. Now, then….

Let me know how you did.

Update 9:06 a.m. Sunday – I had to turn off comments for this post because of a massive spam attack. I’ll just assumed you aced the quiz. Good job!

  • Bonnie

    8 correct. I think I’d worry about myself if I got any more than that right.

  • mary l.

    7 out of 15, but I dont’ feel too bad. I knew the “jist’ of the right answer, just not those pesky details.

  • Eric

    Only 6. Maybe I should try the hints next time!

  • macalum

    8 out of 15, but at least 2 were lucky guesses.

  • fasolamatt


  • ScottK

    11! using about 5 hints though……

  • LK

    I was feeling like it was an unusually easy quiz when I was taking it… still, I only got a 9.

  • Elizabeth T

    8 of 15 – considering how little I read the news this week, I must have been reading the really important stuff.

  • Liesl

    7/15: not too bad for a first-timer!