The plane

Six must-read items in the aftermath of the water landing of the US Airways jet on Thursday:

>> Here’s some of the initial radio transmissions by first responders.

>> Philip Greenspun, who’s also a pilot, deftly points out (probably too deftly) that for all of the appropriate credit being given to Chesley Sullenberger, pilot, there were actually two people in the cockpit (James Fallows makes the same point). The first officer’s (aka co-pilot’s) mother lives in Wisconsin, by the way. It occurs to me also that the now-famous “brace for impact” call may not necessarily have been Sullenberger’s.

>> Charles Bremner has a nice piece in the London Times about what was likely happening in the cockpit during the final few minutes of the flight.

>> The Coast Guard released some surveillance camera video of the plane ditching.

>> Students at an aviation college put together a simulation of the flight:

>> Here’s an interview with John Ostrom, manager of airside operations at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, who spoke with Newsweek about the danger of birds at airports.

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