The LED solution?

The Brits are further ahead of us in the development of the next generation of light bulbs. They’ve banned the sale of incandescent light bulbs, and they’re already — reportedly — moving past the newfangled CFL bulbs.

The next step is LEDs. I bought one of those LED worklights a year or so ago and it’s heading for the trash. The light, while cheaper to produce and relatively bright, is too narrowly targeted as a work light and certainly as a replacement for home light bulbs.

So I was interested today when the BBC reported that a professor has developed an LED light bulb that will last for 60 years and be appropriate for home use. Alas, it was a most disappointing presentation.

It’s easier to develop an eco-friendly light bulb than it is to develop an eco-friendly light-bulb that works well.

  • Bob,

    LEDs have advanced so much in the last year you should give them another look. And don’t forget, they are much better at energy savings than incandescents OR CFLs and LEDs don’t have the toxic mercury that turns a simple smashed lightbulb into a hazardous waste site.

    I get my LEDs from or and on occasion from Amazon. What I like about Eaglelight and LEDinsider is they have FAQs and sections that explain about the LEDs so I can get ones that replace my old bulbs and do what I want them to do.

    What you described about having the worklight that was too narrowly targeted is simply a function, I think, of your having purchased a spot light instead of a flood light. Try buying an LED floodlight like one of the PAR bulbs – I particularly like Eaglelight’s PAR20 bulb. I also use the Pharox bulb as a replacement for all my 40 watt incandescents and I love the soft glow light of the Pharox bulb for that.

    I just went back to order more LEDs on LEDinsider and they have another product I’m crazy about – it’s a ZOOM LED flashlight and it does both spot and flood and the focused zoom light is the most incredible thing I’ve seen – bright white clear amazing light that literally lighted up the goalposts at the other end of the football field the other night after my son’s game. Pretty crazy.

    Good luck with trying LEDs again – don’t give up because our planet really needs us to switch to LEDs I believe.

    Your friend in California

  • bsimon

    I would like to see more LED options. I put one over the kitchen sink that is working well (actually two strips intended for use as under-cabinet lights). The significant barrier is cost. The lights I bought were 50% off, which brought them down to a reasonable price range. Most LEDs I’ve seen are in the luxury price range.

  • LED’s are still at a premium price , but when you factor in the maintenance and re lamping costs, the savings are tremendous. If you would like to visit our website at we have a savings calculator for LED lights compared to Any other light source.

    We are a distributor of LED’s for many everyday applications.

    Check it out, thanks.

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  • Bob Moffitt

    In addition to the LED streetlights on the new 35W bridge, there are some installed on Washington Ave. in downtown Mpls, near the old Milwaukee Road train shed.

    Gives you a chance to compare with the older mercury-vapor lights on the same block.