The city that gets it


We pause now to say something nice about downtown St. Paul. This afternoon, a small group of us went to the skating rink in downtown St. Paul next to Landmark Center. The weather was so cold (9 degrees) that even many Minnesotans said it was too cold to skate. But, in our continuing News Cut theme of “embracing winter,” anything above -10, with bright sunshine, and with one of the world’s most gorgeous buildings as a backdrop, it wasn’t too cold. Oh, did I mention it’s free? ($2 if you want to rent skates).

There were only three people on the ice when we showed up. Famed Realtor and blogger Teresa Boardman came to take some pictures (she took the one above). Equally famed blogger Mitch Berg stopped by to say “hello.”

We’re going to try to do this again next Friday, and we hope you’ll stop by to join us, especially if you can’t skate very well.

In the picture above (left to right): Annie Baxter, Tom Weber, Betsy Cole, Julia Schenkler, and some doofus. You can find more of Teresa’s pictures here, all of which are a reminder that when it comes to winter, St. Paul “gets it.”

Take that, Minneapolis.

  • bigalmn

    Nice hate Bob

  • bigalmn

    I meant nice hat Bob, my edit did not take on the first try. Should have previewed first.

  • teresa boardman

    It was nice meeting you. If I make it next week I really should put on some skates.

  • LK

    I was excited about coming next Friday, but then I saw the video. The doofus in the hat has moves! Not sure if a novice like me can keep up!

  • DK

    What time on Friday the 9th?