Talking weather

James Chatto of Faribault is feeling the “Embrace winter” vibe I’ve been referring to from time to time this winter.

Chatto wants to close the 300 block of Central Avenue in his city starting Jan. 25 to create a temporary ice rink and host ice sculptures, the Associated Press reports. It would take three days to build and give the city four days to ice skate on a main drag in town. A coffee shop owner isn’t so sure it’ll be good for business. But look at it this way: I’ll drive to Faribault to skate down the middle of downtown (and obviously document it here). I only have to go across the skyway to get a cup of coffee.

We’re not the only ones having a tough winter. So is Europe. On Tuesday the head of the World Meteorological Association muted a sudden enthusiasm for the pleasantries of global warming saying it’s not the answer for those who are tired of snow.

If you’re looking to beat the winter blues, the Weather Channel has put together a list of the best places to go. Number one on the list: Antarctica.

update 9:01 a.m. – Via The Current’s Barb Abney, we learn about the 1st Annual Rowdy with the Rubbers Downhill Benefit for Winter Depression (facebook).