Putting a stamp on the first day

On the first day of the legislative session, state senators were given their postage budget. Each senator will now be given 5,500 postage stamps.

Assuming there’s no special session — quite an assumption, indeed — each senator would have to send 57 letters a day between now and the time the session is constitutionally required to end.

A few years ago, the Legislature provided laptops to lawmakers to allow them to better keep in touch with constituents via e-mail.

One senator — Steve Murphy — said he needs snailmail to keep in touch with constituents.

  • rich

    Wonder if they’re forever stamps?.

  • Only 57 per day! That seems pretty low. I know that a majority of the public does not use email every day. The stat’s for North American Internet usage is about 73%, of that many don’t use email on a daily basis. http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats2.htm#americas

    A house member has about 45,000 people in their district, senate double that. So assuming that 1 stamp per person that is 8%, we all know that people who call or write their elected officials tend to do so several times, looking at 5% or less of population contacted.

    I also think that if contacted by email or web forms that most elected officials send a letter also. So really 5500 stamps just does not seem like enough.