Klobuchar not publicly wading into Franken-Coleman fight

Many DFLers have suggested former Sen. Norm Coleman should’ve conceded the Senate race, rather than pursue an election challenge in court in his fight against Al Franken.

The state’s only sitting senator in Washington isn’t one of them, however.

“My focus is not on the legalities. I’ve put forward a few ideas on how we could do this with someone being seated provisionally but that did not go over so well with the other side,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar told All Things Considered host Tom Crann on Tuesday.

Not that she’s above taking a little swipe at the former senator. “I would note that he has pursued these claims before and some of them have been rejected, and also the bipartisan canvassing board, which with excruciating detail went through all these ballots, the entire world could see the ballots on TV, and they basically found that Al Franken had more votes,” she said.

She says “in the immediate week or two,” not having a second Minnesota senator won’t make a big difference. Beyond that, however, she said it will hurt the state, “as much as I love being called the junior and senior senator at the same time,” Klobuchar said.

(h/t: Jeff Jones)

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  • SCK

    Harry Reid backed down too!

    They’re embarassed to have a clown like Franken sitting at their table — and are hoping that the court challenge goes well for Norm.