Inauguration: Poetry

Stan Kusunoki of Shakopee was moved to poetry today.


The sun rises

This is nothing new

The top spinning marbled blue

Brings the light into view

As is has for eons and eons

The day begins

But today a new sensation

As the sun crosses the dateline

A ripple not quite a melody

Rings in the air

Curious, the sun seeks the source

Faint but growing as it crosses

The Mariana Trench

Carried by the winds off Mt. Fuji

The Himalayas

Stirring the dust on the silk road

Yet it is not here

Further the sun searches

Picking up rhythms joyous in Africa

Ripples swelling

Swelling more with the

From tears and laughter

Mogidishu, Odessa, Barcelona, Paris, London

Yet still, it is not here

If you’re of a mind, here’s’s take on the challenges of writing poetry for an inaugural.

  • Stan,

    It has been a time for fresh poetry, and new ripples, as in your poem, especially related to political change. It is so good to know you are out there and still writing. Margaret Hasse