Inaugural Diary: Quote contest


You’ve been president of the United States for 8 years, you can’t do a thing without a million photographers following you, everything you say is scrutinized for deeper meaning, and there are plenty of people who’d like to kill you.

And then you’re not president anymore.

The door of the helicopter closes and it’s just you and your spouse.

You turn to her and say…….. ” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .”

  • boB from WA

    Damn, I forgot the beer I left in the fridge!

  • bobo

    Heckuva job, Brownie.

  • Derek

    “Heh heh, I like when the helicopter blades go choppy choppy” I don’t know how to type his smug snicker.

  • evilimp

    never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…

  • “mission accomplished”

  • bigalmn

    Lets go cut some brush

  • “Dick must be so sad to not be the President anymore.”

  • “So…what’s for dinner?”

  • Colin

    I’m still the decider.

  • Whew, it was tough pretendifying to know what I was doing. Now let’s get those support hose off Laura… heh, heh.

  • MR

    George: What do you want to do tonight, Laura?

    Laura: The same thing we do every night…

  • GregS

    Watch how fast the media message flips over to TRUST AUTHORITY!!

  • Carolyn G

    “It’s Miller Time.”

  • Elizabeth T

    This Unemployment doesn’t seem so bad …

  • George

    What just happened?

  • Laura, I just had the strangest dream…

  • Sara Kimm

    Whoa – that was close! The door almost hit my backside…

  • bsimon

    I can finally get to clearing that brush in the northwest quadrant.

  • c

    i have no comment.

    but i will say this. she looks like she is going to go home and throw on a house coat (or a frock) and make a nice roast. and george, well -look at him. What a squirrel, he has that typical fly boyish devil may care look about him.

  • Mac Wilson

    I think it was probably along the lines of “Well, we made it.”

  • Bruce

    “No more flying shoes.”

  • Jeff

    In the words of Jerry Burns when he finished coaching the Vikings, “I’m just glad the damn thing’s over.”

  • Florence

    “Let’s cash those advance checks for our memoirs.”